Why do parents feel the need to hold your phone when you show them a picture?!

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I don’t have the guts to ask you to stay.

She started to talk less and to act like she doesn’t care. She started to ignore the things that were supposed to hurt her feelings. She started to walk away and distant herself from people unlike before. She started to act like she doesn’t need help from anyone—that she’s strong and she can do everything by herself. She started to reject most of everyone’s advices and pretend that she did not hear anything from anyone. She started to forgot how does it feels like to care for someone. She started not to join her friends and isolate herself from others. She started to become cold and remove all of the emotions in her words. She started to look at anyone with her passionless eyes. She started to cut her wrist every night because she wants to feel the pain—to feel that she’s still existing. She started to act like she changed, when in fact her heart was still the same.
― the scariest things a girl could ever do (via simplengdalagaa)


I want to kiss you until our lips fall off 

When you really care about someone, their happiness matters more than yours.
Were they always meant to be more than friends and will they risk everything including their friendship on love?
― Love Rosie (via alylit)