• me: i am actually so happy with my life right now for once
  • next day: *everything fucks up*
  • "I took seven shots of whiskey just to to get you off my mind, but all it did was make me throw up and you’re still all I can fucking think about."
    Jesus fuck I miss you  (via 1113am)
    "When you look at me, do you still see the person you fell in love with? Or am I just a fragment of the fictional characters you fantasize about?"
    chadlazaro (via chadlazaro)
    ""There’s nothing more to break but why do my heart keeps on shattering? I know I made mistakes, and I deserved this but won’t this stop? Will I ever be able to get over this or I’d be like a broken soul, used to the pain but doesn’t feel any better." she cried."
    half kneeling and half facing the floor, almost pleading to the Man above (via kathleenxmartinez)